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Stratford Hospitality Pushing the Term Hospitality Outside of the Current Industry Definition
Consulting Services

Consulting Services

The principals of Stratford have over 40 years of combined real estate and investment banking experience. 

Transactional Oversight
Stratford will shepherd the asset through the sales process to assure maximum return for our clients. These services include:

- Packaging the Asset for Sale
- Physical Improvement Recommendations
- Broker Selection and Management
- Expediting the Marketing and Closing Process
- Contract Negotiation

Capital Market Expertise
Every situation does not require a sale. Often the most profitable solution is a restructuring or renegotiation of the capital structure. Stratford will advise clients of all capital alternatives and creative solutions. Time may be the most important ingredient to a successful solution.

Construction Management
Our team employs innovative solutions to solve physical issues with each asset. By optimizing the affect of each dollar invested, Stratford will maximize the return on investment for each project. We are personally invested in every step of the process, from design to completion.

Stratford's capabilities range from minor renovations to ground-up development.  Our team manages all aspects of the process with a focus on maximizing returns.

Intellectual Properties
Stratford's principals have led multiple negotiations and accessed emerging markets on behalf of many world-renowned brands. These successful negotiations have significantly expanded the potential target market for these brands by exposing them to demand in new continents. Clients include:

- Disney
- Universal Studios
- Club Med
- Legoland
- Six Flags
- Marvel Entertainment
- HIT Entertainment
- Freijj Entertainment
- Dubai Holding